Revealed – Live In Dallas

Mar 26, 2010

Myron Butler is one of the most consistent artist in the industry and this cd will explain why. The songs are heartfelt, music flawless, and lyrical content par excellent. “Revealed” is a high-energy declaration. “Speak” is a powerful corporate worship anthem, “Holy God” is a exciting contemporary proclamation, and “Run to the Cross” featuring Smokie Norful gives a small hint of Sunday morning with a twist that only Myron can gave it and the list goes on!
1 Revealed (Live) 5:12 iTunes Amazon
2 I Just Can't Live (feat. Kirk Franklin) [Live] 4:38 iTunes Amazon
3 Speak (Live) 5:43 iTunes Amazon
4 Holy God (Live) 5:29 iTunes Amazon
5 I Choose to Believe (Live) 3:44 iTunes Amazon
6 Greatest Love (Live) 5:23 iTunes Amazon
7 I Am God (Live) 4:05 iTunes Amazon
8 The Journey to the Cross (Live) 1:27 iTunes Amazon
9 Run to the Cross (feat. Smokie Norful) [Live] 5:55 iTunes Amazon
10 Moving Closer (Live) 5:18 iTunes Amazon
11 Time After Time (Live) 5:27 iTunes Amazon
12 Covered (Live) 5:43 iTunes Amazon

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