Aug 28, 2007

Myron Butler & Levi’s second album, “Stronger”, is a ambitious mixing and matching of top-notch contemporary gospel and classic choral elements with sensibilities that span inspirational gospel-pop (“Unrestrained”), urban funk (“Jesus Saves”), and even hard rock-gospel (“I Live”). Myron Butler is the quintessential frontman, taking the lead and guiding his skilled choristers with zeal and poise. Butler is a force in his own right, not only because he’s a tremendous vocalist and a well-rounded producer, but also because he seems keen on stepping beyond the confines of contemporary gospel into sounds the genre often dares not touch, like pop-worship (“Above All”) and even acoustic pop (“More Than You’ll Ever Know”), while still keeping his feet firmly planted in his main style of choice.

1 Stronger 3:38 iTunes Amazon
2 I Live 4:44 iTunes Amazon
3 More Than You'll Ever Know 5:20 iTunes Amazon
4 Jesus Saves 5:16 iTunes Amazon
5 Unrestrained 5:35 iTunes Amazon
6 I Need More of You 5:03 iTunes Amazon
7 Here With Me 4:24 iTunes Amazon
8 God of All 4:39 iTunes Amazon
9 Above All 4:47 iTunes Amazon
10 Give Us This Day 3:34 iTunes Amazon

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